Fogg Marco Deo Spray 120ml (For Men)

Fogg Marco Deo Spray 120ml (For Men)
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He is a man who makes an impact with his presence and presentation; he understands the importance of creating the right impressions. Clear and stimulating, the notes of Fogg Marco Deo Spray wake you up on a lifeless Monday morning and infuses a brightness into your day. Made for the man who needs a push start to his day, this mass premium comes as a wake up call and leads you through the day with the same freshness. The strong aroma of the deodorant spray keeps perspiration problems at bay and ensures that you send out the right vibes during that important presentation. Breathe a little crisp vividity into your life with Fogg Marco Deo Spray, the scent of a man who plays the game of life well.

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Fragrance Traits
Ideal For Men
Fragrance Segment Mass Premium
Fragrance Classification Deodorant Spray
Quantity 120ml
Recommended For Daily Wear
Additional Info
Brand Fogg
Product Type Deodorant
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